Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Check it out

Hi there...just a quick post to say I have a funny little video to show you over at our other blog featuring little miss N. Very cute... Looks like a new batch of referrals will be in any day to our agency. Is it possible that we might get our Christmas wish?

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Busy Busy...

Ok...so I found this cool site that allows you to download free blogger templates and just had to update my site. The bad thing is that I lost all of my links and don't know how to restore them. I'm going to work on that and set them back up soon. I'll have to do so before Chirstmas is over and I need to change my template again. Go here to find one for yourself.

So no news on the adoption front except to say that we are 5th in line on the waiting child list. One would think that we would get a referral in 2008 but I know enough to not make any predictions. I think that is why I haven't really been posting. I started out strong and with the hopes that we would have a referral soon. It will be a year this December since we signed on again with our agency. I realize that there are people that have been waiting FAR longer than we have so there is no need to get the violins out quite yet. But somehow it's just hard to come here and update when there isn't really much news. I am starting a new site where I will post whatever I fancy at any given moment. I'm going to keep this site for adoption news and info when we travel etc. Hopefully, we'll be posting here again soon.

For now, you can bookmark my my new site here. I should have a post up soon.


Friday, September 21, 2007

Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

Hello again my little bloggy friends...it has been quite some time since we last visited and I think I shall catch you up a bit. Here is a pictoral summary of our fantastic summer. One day, I will learn how to add photos in order to my blog. For now, you will have to endure our summer - the unedited version... The above photo is of our daughter... aka Princess Jasmine... for her 4th b-day pics. As you peruse the pictures you will see several themes developing here. I think I can sum it up for you in a few words: Princesses, Cupcakes, Camping, Birthdays, Fairs, Parties, Weddings... Give you an idea?
Here we are celebrating Auntie B's birthday with none other than cupcakes!

Have you ever seen a more adorable bunch of princesses?
A fun summer party in the backyard. Just seconds before the hammock broke. No joke!
What summer isn't complete without a little face painting?
Or horseback riding? One of 5-6 visits to the county fair this year.
A little Princess Birthday action...

The princess getting all glammed up...
With her ladies in waiting.
The most beautiful wedding (and bride too!!) of the summer...
With a lovely yummy cake...

and fun "goodie bags" as my daughter would call them... lol Loved the citrus theme and colors. It was a beautiful evening.

Okay... this is the craziest thing. I didn't mean for this photo to load and I don't know how to delete it? Anyone out there who can help me? This was supposed to be a camping picture. Celebrating the 3rd anniversary of our "Forever Family Day" with our friends from our adoption group. These girls are too precious!
With Auntie B at Saint Cupcake in Portland, OR. If you ever make it out that way make sure to stop and visit. We went there everyday of our trip to try the new flavors. I know...I know... but hey, it was for my birthday weekend celebration. I can officially recommend all of the flavors. I think my most fav are the pumpkin and the coconut ones!! They come regular sized or you can get little bite sizes which is what we did (most of the time) so that we could sample several flavors. Yummy! Oh, and there is a great kids restaurant called "Peanut Butter & Ellie's." Too cute... lots of fun toys, edible playdough to keep the kids (or you :o) occupied, and fun menu for both kids and adults. Also did lots of shopping and sightseeing. Auntie B is the best! What a lovely birthday weekend! Next year will be the big 4-0... yikes!!
Little miss sporting her new uniform for the first day of school. It's fun now. Won't be so much fun 10 years from now when she still has to wear it.

As promised, A picture from our wedding. I'm in the front with the girls and my honey is just behind me. Our lovely witnesses are in back.
Lots of good scooter ridin' and bike time this summer!
One of three parties to help ring in her 4th year...
More Fair Fun...
So there it is. Now you can see why I had not time to write! In addition to the aforementioned events, we also went on three super fun camping trips, went on several picnics, took swimming lessons, went to summer camp, and outdoor concerts. I experienced my first tire blow out while driving. That was eventful for little miss N. We still talk about it. We also found time to clean out our garage. If you have seen our garage before you know what an accomplishment that is! I can even park in there now. That was a "must complete" item prior to getting home with baby #2. I can only imagine how much fun it would be to try and put two kids in their carseats outside in the rain. Oh joy, joy...
Speaking of baby #2... still no official word yet. I believe that we have moved up on the waiting list from 8th to the 3rd or 4th spot now so I think we might hear by the end of the year or early next year. I still have plenty to do and with the holiday season fast approaching, I'm sure the time will fly by. Natalie is in two preschools this year (community and special ed) and that makes for an interesting day/week as well as busy, busy so another reason that time keeps flying by. I have to really stop and think about what the day of the week is and where I need to be. Okay so it's almost 2am and I should try to get to bed. We went out for our anniversary tonight and I made the mistake of having coffee too late and now I'm paying for it. Will definitely keep this more up-to-date now that things are getting back on a schedule around here. Thanks to those of you that checked in every so often. I will be making the rounds on your blogs again soon!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy 9th Anniversary To Us

Sweetie, I love you with all of my heart. Happy Anniversary!

You are my everything!


edited to say... I know our anniversary is the 20th :o)
I just happen to have some free time to post this now. Love you!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Could Be Party Of 4 Sooner Than We Think...

Hello...anyone still here? Bad, bad, blogger... I have lots of things to report but seeing how it's very late, I'll just say that our agency has received new WC profiles and we might possibly get a referral this time around. If not now, then shortly. Yikes!! I have lots to accomplish in the short time I have left as momma to one. Stay tuned...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pics Coming Soon... really...

Okay so my wedding was lovely! Very simple and very small ceremony with our immediate families and then a nice lunch at an Italian restaurant down on the waterfront. N went to grandma's after lunch so that my honey and I could go putz around. I love to be able to just go with no real plan or purpose and see where the wind leads me. I don't get too much of that now that our little friend is in our lives. Of course I wouldn't change it, but I sure do appreciate the time I get now! Anyways, we eneded up at the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame and then headed on over to the Experience Music Project both of which were built by Paul Allen of Microsoft fame. I discovered that I have a hidden talent...drumming. There is a really fun area at EMP where you can play instruments and then acutally record whatever it is you are working on. I was totally rockin out. Look out Ringo...lol. The Science Fiction Hall of Fame is way cool too. My favorites were all of the original costumes and props used in movies like Star Wars, Star Trek, Planet of the Apes, Blade Runner, etc. Next, we shared mojitos and apps and then went to see Ocean's 13. Hello hotties! I like Brad Pitt so much better when he is clean shaven like he is in the Ocean's movies. I first fell in love with him when he was in A River Runs Through It. George Clooney is so classic and handsome. We got home at almost midnight and the little munchkin was up. Grandma is too much of a push over and didn't realize that she was caught-up in the "I just need this one last thing..." bit that munchkin is trying to perfect. I'm sure she was thinking..."Sucker - my mom and dad tell me "too bad" when I try to tell them how hungry I am at bedtime. I know which of your buttons to push!" Ai yi yi... As you can imagine, Ms. N went to bed immediately and was oh, such a joy the following day! Oh well, we had fun and I promise to post a few pictures as soon as I can get my camera unloaded.

I won't be able to post much in the next few weeks (not that I'm a stellar blogger to begin with) as the school year winds down and our crazy summer schedule kicks in. In the next three weeks we have 2 camping trips, a trip to the canal, 2 Brownie end-of-the-year events, a preschool party and I'm taking a business trip to Indianapolis for our annual convention. Phew...I'm tired just typing it all out! Anyways, I'm still trying to keep up with all of your blogs and comment etc. I see lots of hits on this blog but only a few people comment. Would love to hear from some more you!

That's all I have today folks...

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

How Do You Like My Blog....& Oh, I'm Getting Married

So how do you like the new look of my blog? Sara at Bling My Blog did a fabulous job don't you think? I know it's bright...but I love color!!

A little news...

Potty Training - Wow!!! is all I can say. This child resisted up until the moment that I told her that her diapers had gone bye bye and there was no other choice than to go potty on the toilet. She hopped right on and we haven't looked back. I can't even tell you the dread/fear I had lived with the weeks leading up to Memorial Day Weekend in anticipation of it all. I'm sure she picked up on that dread somewhat and that led her to behave like she did. Once she understood she had no choice in the matter, she was fine. I'm so relieved and so very proud of my little gal. It's great to see that she is so proud of herself too and how that has brought about some other "big-girl" behaviors. Okay, I know, she threw a bloody fit in the car tonight because she couldn't have a piece of gum... hey - she is only 3 years old.

Marriage - Yes, I'm getting married this weekend. I confess that I have been living in sin... in the eyes of the Catholic Church...tee hee... Our friends have been having fun with this one. Hubby & I did not get married in the church (we ARE married with civil union) for a multitude of reasons, the biggest being that at the time we didn't have a parish that either one of us felt connected to (boy did this ellicit a fist banging rant from our current priest) and...blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Well, when we went to have N baptized, they really couldn't do it because they didn't officially recognize our union so therefore they couldn't recognize our child. They decided to go ahead as long as we promised to marry in the church. We went through the marriage classes (after being married for 6 years at the time) and things kept coming up so it never happened. Fast forward three years and we still had not gone through with the actual ceremony. N is going to be starting at said Catholic school next fall so we figured we better go ahead with it so she doesn't have the bastard child stigma when she enters Miss B's three's class next year...lol It isn't exactly what I planned for a vow renewal...I was thinking Hawaii or Europe...but it will work for a 9 years. I'm hoping that our 10 year anniversary will be marked with a trip to China! So, now all of you friends/neighbor's (you know who you are) at school/church don't have to pretend like you don't know us anymore. You really can share a camping site with us this summer ;o)